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Lol I am the bone of my sword.

As the title say’s after ambling around for a few episodes and generally parodying (or being) bad mecha shows Demonbane finally decides it actually has a plot and it’s time to kick it into high gear. So much shit goes down in ep. 7 it’s hard to find where to start, but I guess I’ll go with resident psycho badass Master Therion. Remember him? Last time we saw him he was kickin ass and takin names, namely Kurou’s as he owned his mecha with just his hands. Now it appears Therion is actually a big pansy that get’s killed by last episodes loli-shota. Man that sucks. Too bad his grimoire had to die, she was pretty hot. Of course Therion’s death is caused by all the member’s of Anticross (who I thought were already dead) deciding to revolt because Therion goes and summons Chutlu for god knows what. Interesting point, for being an insane old god that kills everything Chutlu only appears for two minutes as a disembodied tentacle before disappearing. Even if Demonbane does do plot it’s still pretty dumbed down.

I know this is an eroge but do you really need to show her panties when she’s dieing?

The second biggest thing comes in character development for our young loli Al who decides she does love Kurou and actually kisses him. Al is the best pink haired loli tsundere ever. Take that zero Louise! Too bad after shortly proclaiming her love for dumb man Kurou she somehow dies protecting Kurou from loli-shota’s energy blast. Oh shi-! how the hell can a main character die in just the seventh episode? I have a feeling she’ll be back by next week though seeing as the preview shows a wacky ” Adventures of Doctor West and Robo ” installment. See? Demonbane can’t even have a plot for a whole episode.