I think I’m in love.

Finally Hayate the Combat Butler steps into territory I’m unfamiliar with, me having read just the first two volumes, and this was probably the best episode yet. Hinagiku is awesome. The perfect tsundere, niether too tsun-tsun or dere-dere, just incredibly cute the whole time. She really reminds me of a more grown up Nagi, which I guess is the point. Seems like Hayate should be with her more than Nagi. He wouldn’t be arrested either. But we all know he realy wants Maria (who wouldn’t want Rie Tanaka?). And she has mad sword skills! How can I not like a girl who uses swords? Just awesome. She now trumps Isumi in my best girl of Hayate list. Those three other girls who kept talking to the audience were pretty funny too. I especially like the “Hahaha~!” girl. Reminds me of Sayuri a lot.

I completely agree with you, Hayate.

Ton of great references this time. Of course, there’s the Solid Snake one, complete with five o’clock shadow and cardboard box. You would really think that people would notice a cardboard box. Someone needs to try that in real life (or maybe they have and I just haven’t checked youtube enough). Hinagiku’s sister did the Shinsengumi’s “Swift Death to Evil” motto before using Saitou’s Gatotsu attack. Pretty cool sword fight. Hayate always seems to be straddling the gulf between comedy series and an action series, but it really does a good job combining the two. I think there was a Fist of the North Star one in there, when Hayate first fought Yukiji. Then there was the pokemon one for Tama and the teacher who spends all his time making gundam models. And referring to Nagi as a Hikikimori. That one really got to me, because it’s true. Desperately needs Nagi ranting about the NHK conspiracy. Next episode introduces the awesomely vapid Isumi, and Hayate’s best gar moment when takes on a bunch of katana-weilding yakuza. Gonna be awesome.

“I will deny everything that you are! For beer, of course.”