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Time skip time. Simon is GARer, Rossiu is evil and has an army of nerds behind him, Nia is posessed evil, Yoko is missing, Viral is a GARMOE freedom fighter, and Darry is delicious jailbait. Pretty good so far. Oh, and the new OP is “I shat bricks” epic.


I definitely hate Rossiu now. He went from being mostly useless to a mad scientist with an inflated ego. While I understand the necessity to find the truth of Lord Genome’s message, the way Rossiu goes about it is all wrong. No wonder there are anti-government groups with him as the shadow ruler. Wonder why Simon even trusts the guy anymore. Though, I really wouldn’t trust anyone else in the Dai-Gurren Brigade to run the government either. Freedom fighters just aren’t good bureucrats. In the coming episodes Rossiu will probably do a coup’d et while the anti-spirals are attacking and imprison Simon then. Hopefully he can die afterwards in the appropiate self-sacrificial fashion.


I’m very curious as to who the anti-spiral tribe is and what is their relation to Nia. Obviously the spiral power is a lot more dangerous than we know, at least to the people in power. Lord Genome must have known this and was probably forced by the anti-spiral tribe to force humans underground, or chose to in order to save the race at large. He may of then been forced to create Nia as a key to the human extermination program, but we really don’t know yet. Maybe we’ll find out when Rossiu talks to his disembodied head. And posessed evil Nia is sexy, in an evil way. Come on Nia X Evil Nia doujins! And I have to laugh at how things have gone from fighting furries to fighting geometry. It’s odd but it works.


Viral the freedom fighter was unexpected, going from oppressing the people to fighting for them. Though it is a natural extension of his rivalry with Simon. Once Simon gets sent to prison I can see him and Viral teaming up in garness to break out. And Viral’s goodbye to his beloved Enkududu was touching, in a manly tears way. Him and Simon need to Gattai now to form one of the bigass mechas from the OP. The new Grapals are rather pathetic for being based off of Gurren-Lagann. A machine gun and a sword, how exciting. At least Darry can pilot well, among other things. Thank god every girl in GL is so healthy. Surprised at how good the animation still is this late in the series. Hopefully GL will maintain that level of quality to the end. A week is really too long to wait for a new episode. Guess I’ll have to placate myself through more Darry fanart.