Fifty years ago the mysterious and powerful bronze bell was discovered and whose excavation led to the release of Queen Himika of the evil Jama Empire who sought to destroy the world with her haniwa genjin. Using the power of the bronze bell the super robot Kotetsu Jeeg was created. Piloted by the cyborg Shiba Hiroshi and supported by Build Base, Hiroshi managed to seal Himika at the cost of seperating Kyushu completely from the world in its own dimension. Now in the present Himika has been released to destroy the world again. Hiroshi and the original Jeeg are still missing, so it is up to Kenji to pilot a newly built Jeeg to protect the world from Himika. He is assissted by his friend/rival Kyou and childhood friend Tsubaki, both already members of Build Base with Tsubaki’s grandmother being Hiroshi’s girlfriend fifty years ago. As the battles drag on many mysteries will need to be solved and sacrifices made to protect the world from Himika’s destruction.



Koutetsushin Jeeg is the sequel to Go Nagai’s original seventies anime Kotetsu Jeeg - not that you need to see the original to know what’s going on since it’s all explained in show. However, it does say something about the style of this Jeeg. This is pure hot blooded, old school, super robot retroism at work. It makes no apologies for what it is. The plot is never very deep and can change rapidly at weird moments, introducing plots that weren’t even hinted at before, but it will be an entertaining watch the entire way through. The action is always bombastic, introducing more extravagant and dangerous weapons and enemies the entire way through. The pacing is a little poor and rushed at the end and there are some fillerish episodes near the beginning - though, they don’t exactly feel like it - but the action never lets up once for any of this.

The animation reflects the retro style of the series, with exagerrated and cartoonish characters, outlandish outfits, and physics-defying mecha designs. Thankfully the animation quality itself is very good, never dipping too low but maintaining a constant level of excellence. The OP is another great song by Jam Project, Stormbringer, and they also did an insert song for the show. For those perhaps craving some more super robots after Gurren-Lagann or those who are already fans of the genre, Koutetsushin Jeeg is a good show to look into for super robot action without having to go digging for older series. While suffering some in the plot department, it is undeniably a fast-paced action ride to the very end.



Now let me indulge for a minute on some rantings on the ending. Yes, it was weak and undeserving for the potential it had. It was Kenji and Hiroshi double teamed fighting Himika on the moon! It could of been so awesome, and, indeed, the first part was. But then there was the giant demon and possessed Kenji, which was pretty stupid. More time should of been spent showing Steel God Jeeg kicking ass instead of just using its final attack. It also felt like a letdown for Kenji and Tsubaki to just seal away Himika again instead of completely destroying her. Just not as satisfying. I did like the little epilogue bit, though. Nice “life goes on” feeling and I’m glad everyone didn’t completely forget about Kyou. Certainly the ending wasn’t bad - could of been a lot worse knowing Go Nagai - but it just felt less filling, especially when compared to Gurren-Lagann 16. Oh well, maybe we’ll get an OVA or something, since Go also loves those.