This week’s dose of my slanted look at music releases related to me and reminders to all forgetful otaku of the excellent music your missing this week. Only one CD review this time, the Coyote Ragtime Show (CRS) soundtrack that I really shouldn’t look at since I didn’t finish the show but it’s worthy of some attention (and there’s nothing else that interest’s me).


In the end CRS was a show that failed most expectations (including my own) after a glorious first episode, eventually becoming a rather mediocre show that will most likely be forgotten in a year (unless that rumour about a 12 sister’s spinoff is true). So it’s fitting that it’s soundtrack is also in a way mediocre, though like the show it too has some good spots that should be looked at more than once. The soundtrack, composed by Kameyama Kouichirou, mostly includes track focused around smooth jazz/big band and american western movie type sounds, with a couple of odd stuff thrown in. When the music focuses on it’s jazz roots is where it shines the most, those tracks are the kind that gather your intention when their on in the background ie. they sound like music not a bgm track. Sadly there are few of these tracks in this 34 track collection, making the rest sound dull in comparison. If anything this OST is worth the download only for a handful of songs, the rest, like much of CRS as a whole, being mostly disposable.

Favorite Tracks:
The Showtime - the jazz action track, with nice trumpets grabbing your attention in the refrain. Definately nice for those often boring action scenes.
Coastal Wind - a nice smooth jazz track. Nothing special but it hits the right notes for a jazz fan like me.
Struggle - another jazz action track (seeing a pattern?) that’s a bit more intense and fast-paced.
Gospel Swamp - included just for the novelty of a gospel song in japanese.
Stardust - a nice simple bluesy harmonica piece.
The Mistress & Baroque Battle - basically the same piece as one leads into the other. I’m a sucker for electronica orchestra music (you should see all the Castlevania tracks I have) and these songs are perfect, with the right mixture of pipe organ and synthesizer.

Other releases this week are:
Blood+ Original Soundtrack 2
School Rumble 2 Gakki Original Soundtrack - Yagami Ongakusai
Gintama Original Soundtrack

I think that’s all the releases as that’s all Nipponsei has on their tracker and future list. Nipponsei is where you can get all the music listed here and more. Now I’m off to cry tears of happiness that Shinsen released two episodes of Demonbane and tears of Sadness that I won’t be able to watch them till tomorrow.