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So, a week after everyone else, I finally watched Code Geass 15. The main thing here is the continuing battle between Lelouch and Mao. Unlike a lot of people, I actually like Mao. He’s an interesting guy, in his own insane way. There’s a certain charm in seeing him gleefully shoot C.C. to pieces and decide to make her more ” compact ” with a chainsaw. He really highlights the other aspects of C.C. Rather than being a damsel in distress, it shows her as the cunning manipulator she was and may still be. He doesn’t really work as a huge overarching villian, but he does work for this C.C. subplot. There are two storylines in CG, Lelouch vs. Britannia and the mystery behind the true origins of geass and C.C. We’ve been focused on the first plot until now where it’s time to give C.C. some spotlight. As for his death scene at the end, well, I’ve already seen the spoilers for 16 so I know he’s alive. That’s not exactly a bad thing. He’s the kind of villian that needs to be shot down a few times before dying. It will only be fitting if Lelouch or C.C. kill him. If it’s C.C., then she’s confronting the mistakes of her past. If it’s Lulu, it shows his conviction to continue on the path of destruction he chose.

C.C. kicks high.

On C.C., the relationship between her and Lelouch is fascinating and perfectly highlighted this episode. Both know in some way that the other is manipulating them, but they still need eachother. Creates some wonderful romantic tension. And C.C. kicking ass is awesome. Though I have to say, the skirt on her new outfit is really short. Like, napkin short. Is this a new record in CG, where apparently everyone where’s the microskirt? What a wondeful world that would be. In other relationship news, I love how the whole Shirley thing was blown aside completely. Ok, that’s done, move on the next girl. Can you really explain her not knowing Lelouch just with ” We’re having an arguement. “? That’s really pushing the disbelief here. I have no doubt we’ll see Shirley in the future though, maybe in another twenty episodes. She represents the more human side of Lelouch who doesn’t want to be be Zero. Either she’ll regain her memory, or learn about it. Then she’ll probably be killed by someone, because Sunrise is cruel like that.

Instead of naked Viletta, here’s a tender moment between her and Orange-kun.

Speaking of memory, how about Viletta’s breasts? Ok, that was a pretty bad sequeway. This is probably the most random bit of fanservice ever. Not that Viletta developing amnesia isn’t a bad plotline. Makes the whole show more soap opera-ish now. But why do I have to see her topless? That’s what doujinshi are for. How many other Sunrise shows have topless fanservice? I can’t really think of one right now, but then again I have a bad memory when it comes to these things. Does that make CG historic? Despite the nudity, Viletta is now in my ” So moe I’m gonna die ” category. Amnesia: the ultimate dere-dere mode. Interesting to note, Viletta fanart has increased twentyfold on danbooru. Fanartists, just give them some material and they run with it. So, that’s it till next week or whenever GG decides to release another episode. I actually had to download CCCP just to play the damn subs. We need all the fansubbers to come up with a common subbing code or something. I really can’t keep downloading a new codex for every series.