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I loved Densha Otoko, so I had to watch the adaption of it’s show within a show Getsumen To Heiki Mina. The actual show looks to be a bit different than the one in Densha. It follows the exploits of Tsukuda Mina, a highschool girl who has just been hired as an announcer for SpoLuna, an incredibly popular news show. Too bad she’s late her first day. At SpoLuna there’s Daisuke Kiryuu, the object of Mina’s juvenile affections; Koushuu Suiren, Mina’s sempai and idol; Mutsumune Escartin, Mina’s rival who’s hellbent on ruining Mina’s job; and Onoue P, the Gendoesque head of SpoLuna voiced by Jouji Nakata. That man can do no wrong. One of Mina’s first task is an interview with returning baseball legend Nikaidou. Too bad he gets knocked out by a space rabbit before she can interview him. It turns out aliens love earth sports, and this one is a little too enthusiastic, impersonating Nikaidou and transforming into a baseball mecha monster, replete with plenty of CG as is gonzo style. Fortunately, the busty Ohtsuki Mina is there to save the day, or not. Mina is recruited as a combat bunny to help, and is given a proper transformation sequence and weapon straight from the moon, which she uses to promptly kick the space bunny’s ass. Not too bad for a first episode.

Your gonna get raped, jam it in, etc.

All superheroines should be exhibitionists.

Mina reminds me of a gainax show, except it’s done by gonzo. But since most of gonzo’s lead staff is from gainax, it doesn’t matter. It reminds me of gainax because Mina is a infectiously fun and quirky action/comedy, filled with fanservice and self-reference. Mina’s incredibly cute and you can’t help but smile at her clumsiness, self-loathing, and do your best attitude. She also makes cute Pyon noises. Her transformation is hot, with her breasts growing, apparently to cushion her carrot hammer attack, and gaining a skirt about an inch long. Ohtsuki Mina fights with half her chest hanging out. I’m fine with that. Takashi Kumazen’s character designs are great, with his women being hot and moe. The animation is incredibly nice, but knowing gonzo I don’t know if it will stay that way. There’s a little too much CG though. I can understand why the moonbase is CG, but why the baseball mecha? The music is nothing to write home about, but I did like the ED song. A nice Jpop piece. But why isn’t Twilight by ELO the OP? That’s the perfect song for this. I hope more of this gets subbed soon.

Just as planned Zero.