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In his newest blog update, Zun announced Touhou 10, or Fuujinroku Touhou ~ Mountain of Faith. Here’s a translation of Zun’s blog as provided by Aelya of Shrinemaiden forums:

The 10th Touhou series game [Touhou Fuujinroku ~ Mountain of Faith] [Thanks to Solamarle for pointing out it would be Fuujinroku] is going to be released. In the summer.

So, I’ve decided to mention it.

Since a while ago bits and pieces have been revealed, but this time it’s really going back to the roots. From the three Koumakyou, Youyoumu and Eiyashou systems, the important portions have been kept and refined to form an even better new system.

Lately, when I go to game centers to play, my willpower to play exceeds the weakening of my arms, and it surprises me. Were one play shooting games really this intense and tiring? is how I feel, so investing one coin doesn’t become troublesome.

For that reason, the system [of th10?] isn’t too difficult, and the interface isn’t too difficult, or anything tedious like that. If anything, it’s just taking the older games’ faults and fixing their illnesses. [yes he uses the word illness as in sickness] That sickness is: as time goes on the number of “patients” increases… or so they say.

Anyway, I aimed for the game’s level to be something even I myself could enjoy. The result is something that diverges from being orthodox, but it’s something you shouldn’t have to worry about.

Well then, just a little bit of other game’s screenshots.




So? It’s gotten better from absolutely nothing changing, right?

During the Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai occuring May 20th, personal experience editions of Fuushinroku (demos?!) will be secretly handed out. If there are any interested individuals, debug and fine-tuning will be presented to the public (how horrible). [lol ZUN is sarcastic asking people if they wanna debug and fine-tune, what a horrific job... Wink]

By the way, the bit about “going back to the roots” was copying the Fuujinroku name from Fuumaroku. [Story of Eastern Wonderland, TH02] (The two don’t really have anything in common though.)

Ah, and of course the story is new material.

This time, Hakurei Shrine’s operations will be suspended, and Reimu will have to bear the weight of myriads (exaggerated) of gods. For some reason, Marisa too. Leisurely.

We all new a new Touhou was coming out this year, but it’s nice to finally see it. So it looks absolutely gorgeous, Zun’s best effort yet. While I found IN’s backgrounds to be to dark, these look perfect, more akin to PCB and PoFV. So back to basics just means simplifying the system? I’d hoped it would of been something different than that. Highly Responsive to Prayer 2 anyone? I wouldn’t mind the game being easier, though; I have a hard enough time as it is. The storyline sounds interesting, this time dealing with Gensokyo’s gods. Sounds cool. Also heard some speculation that Mima and Shinki from PC-98 games might appear, which would be awesome. I’vd had a soft spot for Shinki ever sinced she kicked by ass in Mystic Square. Technically she is a god, even if she is god of hell. And Mima’s just cool as a witch-ghost. Now add Yumemi and Reimu’s robot maid from Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream and all my dreams will be fulfilled. I’ll be looking out for the demo when it comes out on May 20th, and the full game later in the summer.