Been a bad week for manga, hasn’t it?

Or, to be more specific, Rozen Maiden the manga is over, and rather abruptly at that. And by abruptly, I mean a deus ex machina ending where all the dolls go to sleep without anything being resolved at all. Let me explain it in detail now. I don’t follow the manga regularly, just learned about this from 4chan. After reading the raw of the final chapter, the basic story seems to be Kirakishou, the manga version of Barasaishou, is basically beating every doll to a pulp. Shinku is tied up, Megu is being held hostage, Souseiseki is alive, but then thorns grow out of her to entangle Suiseiseki; and Hinaichigo is still alive. While all this is going on, Laplace’s Demon appears, basically says “Lolz Alice game over kthx by” and literally all the dolls disappear, going to sleep until the next phase.

Now what could bring on this sudden change? It’s currently thought that Peach Pit either wanted to get away from BirZ magazine or send a big “fuck you” to the fans. Both of these seem to stem from the fact that the anime was a lot more popular than the manga, leaving the editors to want the manga to be more like the anime, or Peach Pit mad at fans for liking the anime more. Hard to tell right now. Hopefully this won’t be the end of Rozen Maiden, either in manga or anime form. Maybe we can have that legendary 3rd season now? To see the ending for yourself, download the final chapter here.