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And I’m back.


The plot deepens on Darker than Black with the introduction of that gar, superspy badass that even puts James Bond (Daniel Craig, not Sean Connery) to shame, November 11. Oh, and there’s the black woman and her shota, but they’re not badass, so they don’t matter. There’s something refreshing in a guy like November 11. It’s not that he’s exactly a bad guy, he does work for Her Majesty’s government after all, he just does whatever it takes to complete the mission. If this means killing a few people, decieving the Japanese government and the UN, and killing a character I liked, then he’ll do it. You also know that, if he wanted to, he could bag every lady in the show. And I mean everyone. On another note, I liked the dose of real world physics in his ice powers, where he needed a medium like water to freeze something over long distances and just couldn’t freeze the ground itself. Also, smart thinking using rubber boots to protect against Hei’s electricity. Now just use rubber armguards next time.


Now for the other side of the story, there is this week’s damsel in distress, Havoc. I also really liked Havoc here (Imagine, liking two new characters in an arc!). Maybe it had something to do with her just wearing a torn negligee the whole time, though, certainly it wasn’t the heroin shiek look. Probably it was because she was such a pathetic character you couldn’t help but feel sorry for her and like her for it. I guess you could say she was just incredibly moe, if going by the classical definition (or maybe not). Sadly, in the end, she went the way of all DtB women and died at the hands of November 11. Perhaps she wanted that, but she probably could of got away without her powers. DtB really loves to make its women heartbrakingly tragic.


There was a nice contrast between Havoc, without powers yet all the more emotionless, and Hei, contractor supreme who doesn’t really act like one. Again it’s commented that Hei really doesn’t act like a contractor at all, going out of his way to protect people he should kill and looking for his little sister. That one was a nice throwball for the series; Now we got Hei looking for his sister. There was also more about the mysterious Syndicate Hei works under, which is seen as a threat by several governments. It will be interesting to see how DtB will expand this world espionage part of the plot. It still is following the two episode per a girl storyline, but that can be forgiven when the storylines are so interesting. Next time we have a pink haired girl voice by Nono, and as we all know, Nono is loev. Should be a fun time.