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Guts vs. Roy Focker. An epic battle that stretches from the Dark Age to the Space Age.

In the end, Guts cleaved the guts of Roy Focker before impaling him on his bigass sword, winning 218 to 146. No big surprise really. Roy had to deal with no one really watching Macross these days and the pure manliness of Guts whose still relevant with an ongoing manga. You fought a hard battle Roy, but you had no chance of winning in the first place. Then again, is that not a sign of garness itself? Rest easy pilot. Your battle is over now.

Next match is Akagi Shigeru vs. Kasumi Kenshiro. Don’t get confused by Kenshiro’s muscles! Akagi is the garer man here. Lacking everything but a keen intellect and willingness to gamle his life, he became king of the underworld by constant battle. Grown men grovel before him and the strongest of men weep after his passing. Akagi does not need manly tears, he has no use for crying. Sure in his actions Akagi regrets nothing and lives the life of a man. Imbued with demonic strength he will continue on until there is nothing left to gamble, where he then disappears with the wind, leaving only the rumor of his greatness behind. Don’t make a mistake. Vote Akagi. Now a short video further showing the garness of Akagi: