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Sorry Kenshiro, but your already dead.

It was a truly grueling and epic battle between Kenshiro and Akagi. Akagi barely managed to withstand Kenshiro’s flury of punches as he worked to outwit the massive man of muscles. In the end, even Hokuto no Ken could not stand up to the Gambler, and Kenshiro fell with a final RON. Akagi did not cry manly tears for his fallen foe, for he does not know such emotions. He merely paused a moment in respect for the great man before disappearing, to search for greater vistas of mortal risk elsewhere. Akagi had challenged one of the greatest men in the world and came out victorious. He had risked his life and won. That was all that mattered. Akagi wins, 230 to 213.

The next match is Onizuka Eikichi vs. Archer. I no longer underestimate the Great Teacher. He is truly a gar man worthy of respect. But victory must go the Red Knight. Remeber where gar came from: a single mistyped post in the depths of /a/ that praised the manliness of the Archer. Here are some extracts from the actual game to show Archer’s true garness. Translations by shuchung from Beast’s Lairs forums.

Rin asks Archer to fight Berserker for some time, knowing that he cannot possibly win the fight.

Archer advances
He appears to be barehanded just as before

Tohsaka looks at Archer’s back
……There’s not much to say
Tohsaka should know herself, her order was too ruthless
For herself to run away, she ordered Archer to die

“……………Archer, I”
Tohsaka seems like she wants to say something
But Archer

“By the way, Rin. Let me make sure of this”

He interrupts her with a voice indifferent to the point of not fitting this scenario

“………All right. What is it”

Tohsaka lowers her eyes to look at Archer

“Aah. earning time is fine by me—but it’s all right to defeat that monster, right?”

And then, he blurts out something unbelievable

“Archer, you—-”

“—Mm, don’t hold back. Make him enjoy some beatings, Archer”

“Is that so. Then I shall do as you wish”

Archer advances
Only ten meters from Berserker
This much distance, I suppose that monster can shorten it in a flash

“Are you taking us for fools……! Fine, kill them Berserker! It’s fine even if you tear apart these arrogant guys into pieces……!”

Ilya’s tone sounds hysteric
Tohsaka turns around ignoring her

“—Go. Once we’re outside, victory will be ours”
Tohsaka holds Saber and my hands, and runs

Saber also follows Tohsaka without complain
……I, too, leave Archer behind and run toward the doorway
Behind me

“Emiya Shirou”

That guy calls out to me, still has his back against us

I let go of Tohsaka’s hand and turn around
In the midst of that already faraway hall, there’s the back of the man who’s going to face off with Berserker

“—Listen well. You’re not a figher, but merely a maker”

Berserker is approaching
Archer is still empty-handed, going against the approaching enemy without taking a step back—

“Don’t concern yourself with insignificant thoughts. There should be but one thing that you can accomplish. Try to make it to perfection”

Archer raises one hand
Since when, a short sword is held in that hand

“—Don’t forget. What you should be imagining is the strongest self. You don’t need any physical enemy. Your imagination alone, is your opponent”

The crimson shade lowers his body
Berserker’s sword is screeching in the air

I start to run before I see that conflict
Tohsaka and Saber are already near the doorway

—I run without turning back

That crimson shade, is saying, hurry

The aftermath of the fight.

And thus, the fight between the two is over
Their severe dual to the death, ended with the destruction of the red knight

The once glamorous brilliant receiving hall has completely changed
Cracks on the floor
Huge holes on the walls
The stairway collapsed, and the crumbling marbles turned to sands spread out in the winds

The entire space is utterly abolished, the receiving hall has lost its past features
Perhaps this can be called accelerating the passage of time
For collapsed ruins of such grand scale, one can’t simply recall its appearance from two hours ago

In the center of this ruin, erected a statue that suits the atmosphere well
The statue is far taller than two meters, looks like a portrait carved out of a huge stone
Needless to say
This is the Servant of Ilyasviel, the Berserker

The giant statue is not still
Covered in red, with cavities all over
Not a place on this giant has not been wounded

First. Legs are melting
Second. Traces of being cut on the neck
Third. Arms barely connect with the elbows
Fourth. Penetrated from shoulder to the thigh
Fifth. Large amount of blood spilled from the chest
Sixth. Innards are vaguely visible from the stomach

Berserker is not moving

Of course
No matter how one looks at it, it’s like a corpse

The battle was over in an instant
Just that the Master of Berserker is shocked by this unexpected outcome
The plan was supposed to be chasing after her preys right away, but she has been looking at the disaster idly

“—I can’t believe this. Who was, that guy”

The girl speaks viciously
The fight just now, was an embarrassment to the girl

The girl’s Servant is the strongest
Even among Heroic Spirits, there should be only a couple that can match Herakles, who claimed to have the highest fame
However, he was defeated by this nameless Archer
That red knight, after a defying battle with Berserker, in the end, took down Berserker who had never once fell before

—This is not acceptable

To the girl, this is like been ran through the heart by a bug crawling on the road
To be pushed to this point, by an opponent who was supposed to be stomped by her, and wagging its tail pitifully to her, is what this most prideful girl’s ego can’t accept

“Aah seriously, this is pissing me off! You were actually been defeated by that guy six times, you didn’t go easy on him, did you Berserker!”

The statue does not respond
Does he not have any strength left to respond, or does he feel there’s no need to
Berserker is only standing still, concentrating on recovering his body

……From his point of view, this fight was truly unusual as well
His “Noble Phantasm,” can nullify many attacks
As long as it is not the highest ranking attack, nothing works on his physical body

Hence, he is rarely wounded
In the age of myths, after his great achievements, no one was able to make him bleed

However, six times
Archer made it happen six times, with nearly fatal hits

Needless to say, these hits were all caused by different methods
For even an attack of the highest degree of purity, it would not work against Berserker the second time

……This would be, the source of unusualness

If Archer was a hero who had so many talents, he should be able to tell his true identity right away
But even as he demolished his body, he still doesn’t know his true name
What is surprising, is his all too paradoxical existence


……Berserker’s apertures, are lighted up with faint glows
If he was summoned normally, he would’ve lamented for this fight

Regardless of his true nature, Archer was a rare opponent
If his rationality has not been taken away, he could spar with Archer to his heart’s content for a change

Now I say, that is gar.