My expression when Archer lost.

Archer loses to Onizuka, 276 to 341. Saigar is now over in my heart. Not even an Akagi vs. Master Asia/Shishio Gai battle can rekindle the flame. Just wait until next year’s Saigar, if there is one, when Fate and maybe Unlimited Blade Works are translated. They will see the error of their way’s and the light of gar will burn again.

The final Quarterfinal is truly an epic match, a veritable civil war within /m/. Master Asia vs. Shishio Gai. Two legends of garness. I have seen both series and can testify to their garness (unlike a certain teacher). However, as much as I like Gaogaigar, Master Asia deserves this win. It’s not just the ” destroy’s mecha with his scarf ” thing, it’s his whole philosophy, his martial arts, his death. Gai can lose to that man with respect.