Some amazing people over at Beast’s Lair have translated part of Kagetsu Tohya into english. For those not in the know, Kagetsu Tohya is the fun disk sequel to Tsukihime, like what Fate/hollow Ataraxia is to Fate/stay Night. Kagetsu Tohya is made up of a main story where Shiki continues to live the same day over and over and has fun wooing all the girls and what not. Then there’s the Ten Nights of Dream section, which is ten short stories set in the Tsukihime world. This is what the english patch translates. The stories are:

Good Luck Ciel-Sensei! - Ciel-Sensei is put in charge of a class of delinquents aka. the rest of the Tsukihime characters. Not as funny as I thought it would be. A lot of the humor was ruined by Kugamine interrupting things.

A Story for the Evening - Akiha’s good end. Akiha deals with losing Shiki while trying to solve the mystery of the wish granting mailbox at her private school. Hanepin and Souka are awesome side-characters who really need an appearence outside one short story.

Crimson Moon - Shiki’s and Roa’s minds get connected and both talk with Arcueid in the past while she was the Crimson Moon. Shines a lot of light on the darker aspects of Arcueid’s personality and Roa’s relation to her.

Red Demon God - Story about Shiki’s father Nanaya Kiri and his life. Most of it is about the final battle between him and Kishima Kouma during the Tohno’s annihilation of the Nanaya’s. Kiri was such a badass guy.

Nanako-chan SOS! - Nanako, the spirit of the Seventh Scripture, seeks help from Arihiko to escape her evil master ie. Ciel. Haven’t finished it yet, kind of boring so far despite the spotlight on Arihiko.

Imogirisou - An alternate tale with the characters. On a road trip gone awry, Shiki, Akiha, Hisui, and Kohaku end up getting stuck in a haunted mansion. A parody of horror games.

Flower of Thanatos - A story about a hawt yuri sex scene between Hisui and Kohaku. Haven’t played this one yet, partly because the ero scenes in Tsukihime were pretty crappy so I have no idea how this one will be.

Hisui-chan Inversion Impulse! - As awesome as the idea of Hisui going crazy is, this story is pretty bad. Hisui does some outlandish things, but nothing like, oh, killing someone with a feather duster. Too much time spent on arguing between Shiki, Akiha, and Ciel. Though, it was pretty funny for Arcueid to show up and no one knew who she was because the story takes place in a Far Side of the Moon route.

The Tohno Family Con Game - Best story of the bunch. All the characters decide to get together and play a big game of hide and seek. All the favorites are here, like Arihiko, Satsuki, Nero Chaos, and even SHIKI. You’ll also see why Kohaku is truly the most powerful of all.

Dawn - Story of a girl eaten by Nero Chaos and comes back alive in his flesh, though she doesn’t realize it until the end. A pretty sad tale actually.

Also translated are the Summer Festivals, five short pieces where Shiki goes on a date with one of the girls. There’s also a story hidden in the gallery section about a meeting between Shiki and SHIKI. A lot of the daily messages that appear when you first start the game have also been translated. So there’s a lot of stuff there, even if it isn’t the main story. The rapidshare link for the patch is here. And, please, don’t ask me where you can get the game. Be smart enough to figure that out on your own.