Seriously, Momo is hawt. Look at that ass. That’s not a loli ass, that’s a sexy ass. Tan lines just double the sexiness. Along with the killer whale eating the seal in the background. Seal must of been memorized by that ass.


Tsundere loli’s have the best freak-out faces. Beats Lelouch’s ” I’m going to kill my sister because she’s an idiot, ” face.


Mei slaps Mucchi for making the moves on her Mikan. Epic loli battle ensues. Mucchi’s so manly she can beat Mei in her sleep, as long as she can withstand Mei’s Bitchslap of Fury.



Manabi finally goes insane and also blames Mucchi for making the moves on her Mikan. Epic loli battle ensues. Manabi is truly devastating with her Final Strike Forward Go Punch. An endless barrage of punches ensures the opponent won’t be standing, or breathing, for long. Requires loli energy and puffy cheeks to use. Someone seriously needs to make a Manabi doujin fighter after this episode.



Baseball is often a field of war and love, as these two girls have figured out. Stalker-tan is hopelessly in love with her childhood friend, Senpai. But Senpai is an open girl who everyone loves, while no one likes Stalker-tan. Stalker-tan spies on Senpai from afar for years, before getting the courage to join the baseball team Senpai is on. It turns out Stalker-tan isn’t too bad at baseball, and becomes a valuable member of the team. With her help the team goes to the nationals, where Stalker-tan manages to win the game for the team. Senpai is ecstatic for her friend. Stalker-tan finally gets the courage to tell Senpai she loves her. Senpai is touched and admits she has feelings for Stalker-tan too. Hawt yuri sex ensues. Later Stalker-tan finds out Senpai is cheating on her with Mikan, causing her to kill Senpai with a boxcutter. Stalker-tan then kills yourself. Mikan cries for a while, but is picked up by Momo. The two go have hawt yuri sex.


It hurts because it’s true. Poor Momo was ignored the whole episode by everyone. She needs an episode to herself, dammit! How many has that whore Mikan had now? The whole series? On a more serious note, Ohno! The school festival is threatened by the evil demon, Ms. Superintendent! How will the Loli Rangers* win this one?! Tune in next week to find out!

*In my mind, Momo is the red ranger, Mei is black, Mucchi is yellow, Manabi is pink, and Mikan is blue. Takako-san is the green ranger with uberhax skills. Shimijima-sensei is the wise master who leads them. Their robot is Cockroach-tan, literally a giant mechanical cockroach, that is controlled by the antennae in Momo’s hair. They fight to protect Seioh Academy from Aikoh and it’s army of tentacle monsters lead by the evil Superintendent. Epic loli battles ensue.