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a2549af6ab5ca07b535bb600b6a75ab4.jpgAlmost, maybe, kinda GAR? Not really.

Maebara Keiichi (607) beats his opponents, Aizawa Yuuichi (140) and Shades & Grenades (77), to death with a baseball bat to secure victory. Yuuichi’s sarcasm couldn’t save him this time.

Alleluja Haptism (355) beats Ikari Shinji (233) and Jean Valjean (227) only on the virtue of being the lesser of two evils. And no one watched Les Miserables: Shoujo Cosette, so it’s not like Jean had much of a chance anyways. Still got a surprisingly strong showing, though.

Huang (382) beats Uzumaki Naruto (124) and Madarame Harunobu (332). Madarame really should of won here. If the rest of Genshiken was animated he would of I bet. Thank god Naruto didn’t win at least.

Michishio Nagasumi (413) defeats Dante (331) and Imber (51). Still need to watch Seto no Hanayome. And out of curiosity, how many people actually watched the Devil May Cry anime? Ten?

Masa (349) barely scratches out a victory again Ikari Gendo (344) while Iwamoto Kogan (62) is left in the dust. Still needing to watch Seto no Hanayome.

Furukawa Akio (375) knees Mamoru Andou (219) and Matsubara Kaoru (108) in the stomach for his win. Kind of wish Andou would of won, just for the fun of still being able to yell ANDOOOUUU!!!

Looking ahead to Group D, we got the GAR appearances of Lord Genome, Anisawa Meito aka. Animate Tenchou aka. Captain Gaigerryu of Manly Battle Team Animate Force G, and Kamina vs. a bacteria. That’s sure to be one hell of a match.