Thoughts on Dragonaut - 16

Posted by Demian @ 10:21 pm, January 27th, 2008
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Now this is one surprise-filled episode of Dragonaut. So, yeah, spoilers galore. First we find out that Garnet has been a dragon the whole time, though I wonder if she’s actually a half dragon. Only one of her eyes is red and she hasn’t shown the ability to actualize at all. Seeing as how she was searching so hard for the Resonance ability early on in the series, I think she’s probably a really defect dragon, which would also account for her temper. Inferiority complex much? Garnet is just a whole set of mysteries it seems.


Toa reveals that she is dying, which kind of puts a damper on the show. Seeing as how the whole theme seems to be about defying your fate she could still live, but Gonzo really does like its tragic endings. So after that troubling revelation, what better time to have a symbolic wedding. It makes sense, but is also very cheesy, which most anime romances are actually.


Of course the real surprise of the episode was Akira’s quick death. Admittedly when any character starts talking about their feelings you know their gonna die, but Akira’s was pretty brutal. Nice spray of blood there animators. Speaking of animation, I think her death scene has the best animation of the show so far. Pretty faces. Akira’s death causes Machina to go berserk and transform in Dark Machina, who plans to use the power of the Holy Grail to-wait, wrong show again. She just plans to kill Asim real good. No idea why Asim wanted her to go berserk, though. Despite being punched by Jin he’s still a smug bastard who cackles a lot. Next week is looking to be a real climax, so hopefully we’ll get a lot of awesome melodrama and stuff that I love from Gonzo shows.

Why can’t you stay dead?!

Posted by Demian @ 2:36 pm, January 27th, 2008