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Lord Genome (699) summarily decimates Kyon (145) and Nakajima Subaru (90). The only question here is: did full-body Genome win or did Head in a jar Genome win, and is one more GAR than the other?

Firo Prochainezo (365) beats Seto Gouzaburou (302) and Tybalt (141). Someone from Seto no Hanayome actually loses and Tybalt gets shafted again, but at least this time not by Romeo.

Anisawa Meito aka. Animate Tenchou aka. Captain Gaigerryu of Manly Battle Team Animate Force G (519) burns Higara Saito (467) and Takano Miyo (390) to smithereens with his manly passion. CONTINUE TO FIGHT WITH SPIRIT ANIMATE TENCHOU!

Kamina (1084) kills, buries, and pisses on the corpses of Aspergillus Niger (545) and Koichiro “Coach” Ohta (56). No surprise here, though the Niger sticky in /a/ probably helped that little bacteria some.

Hei (434) defeats Sanger Zomvolt (244) and Okazaki Tomoya (181). Once again it looks like Mr.Zomvolt doesn’t have the power to cleave victory, let alone cleave evil.

Cornelia li Britannia (562) wins against Ricardo (110) and Douglas Rosenberg (30) to become the second female victor in this tournament. If there is a GAR female, then it’s definitely Cornelia. Scarier than all the men on that show combined.

Looking on to Group E, we got the appearances of Kittan, moe Viral, fan favorite Raoh, and /a/ idol Giovanni. Don’t think there will be many surprises in this bracket, but we’ll see what happens.