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a2549af6ab5ca07b535bb600b6a75ab4.jpgYeah, that’s GAR.

Medicine Seller (234) somehow beats Izumi Soujirou (181) and Jacuzzi Splot (103). How can a measly Medicine Seller beat the great Awesome Dad? What kind of name is Medicine Seller anyways? Someone tell me I’ve never watched Mononoke.

Attenborough (300) beamspams Age (138) and Potemayo (143) to death. Poor moeblob. Just can’t stand up to pure muppet firepower.

Shibuya Kazuya (174) wins against Kawahira Keita (103) and Moriyama Sunao (95). Having never watched Ghost Hunt I really can’t say anything about this guy.

Lelouch Lamperouge (327) geasses his opponents Eiga Danjuro (98) and Keith Anyan (81) to kill themselves. Having actually read the To Terra manga, though not seen the anime, I would say Keith is definitely more GAR than Lelouch’s fabulousness, though both are the same kind of calculated killer character. Keith just doesn’t screw up as much.

Afro Samurai (213) barely kills Furude Rika (209), again, and Izumi Konata (159). Rika had a very strong showing here, but being the only guy in the bracket and voiced by Samuel L. Jackson Afro had to win.

Monkey D. Luffy (232) beats Shiba Hiroshi (92) and Shinichi Chiaki (189). A One Piece character finally gets the recognition they deserve, though anyone who’s actually seen Kotetsushin Jeeg will definitely agree to the GARness of Hiroshi. GARest giant robot piloting cyborg around.

We’re finally at the final round 1 bracket, Group H. Nothing much of interest here. Guchuko shows up in her tsundere glory but will probably meet the same fate as Potemayo. Chirico Cuvie and Ali Al Sarshes also face off in a battle of old real robots vs. not so real but it’s still gundam robots. Thrilling.