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a2549af6ab5ca07b535bb600b6a75ab4.jpgGARness increases by a factor of ten when paired with a loli.

Claire Stanfield (306) beats Kurosaki Ichigo (170) and Gennosuke Fujiki (69). And so another shounen hero loses. At least this contest still has some integrity. Not a lot, but some.

Lloyd Irving (195) beats Kira Yamato (194) and Thenardier (55). Personally, I always found Lloyd to be a pretty annoying character in Tales of Symphonia, but it’s still better than Jesus Yamato winning.

Zaraki Kenpachi (385) wins against Guchuko (197) and Rokudo Mukuro (160). Poor little moeblobs, even tsundere ones, just can’t catch a brake.

Ladd Russo (407) defeats Sunohara Youhei (194) and Joseph Shingetsu (48). I get the feeling a lot more people watched Baccanno than I ever realized.

Roronoa Zoro (321) beats Justice (194) and Nougami Neuro (167). Another deserving victory for One Piece.

Ryuuguu Rena (423) surprisingly easily beats Chirico Cuvie (66) and Ali Al Sarshes (170). I know Chirico couldn’t win cause he just doesn’t have name recognition, but I really didn’t expect Rena to win. There’s still a lot of Higurashi fans, I guess.

Saigar takes a break for a couple days and then comes back kicking with Group A Round 2. It’s Dio Brando vs. Hosaka vs. Robert E.O. Speedwagon. Hosaka garnered the most votes in round 1, but can he really beat the immortal Dio? And it’s Emperor of Britannia vs. Itou Kaiji vs. Itoshiki Nozomu. Kaiji got the most votes last round, but I like Itoshiki here more. Kaiji still cries way too much.