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In this volume AX agent Abel Nightroad teams up with prisoner-priest Leon to investigate vampire killings in the English Channel, meets tragedy in Barcelona, and has to stop a plot by the Rozenkreuz Orden to destroy all of Rome while protecting his own back from political enemies within. A side story also focuses on the swordsman Hugue’s continuing efforts to avenge his murdered family as he confronts the man who betrayed him. This volumes is a sequel to the “From the Empire” novel and its events take place before Reborn on the Mars V.1. This volume also corresponds to the “Never Land, Silent Noise, and Overcount” episodes of the anime.


The third volume of Trinity Blood really doesn’t change my opinion on the series at all. It’s still a fun adventure series with some great characters and unique concepts. The flow of the stories was a lot more integrated than the previous volume and the plots themselves were just more exciting than shown in the anime. The best part of the book was the Hugue short story, mostly because it wasn’t in the anime and thus a completely new experience for me. Hugue’s story in itself is very exciting and could easily fill a whole volume. Revenge, redemption, and love are always exciting to read about. More beautiful THORE’s artwork is featured and I still lament the fact Tokyopop won’t do full color inserts.

With this being my third Trinity Blood novel, though, I am beginning to notice some flaws in the writing. Certain scenes just don’t seems to flow together and the only real background we get on some important things is a sentence or two. Some of the action is almost too brisk and it’s hard to tell what exactly is going on. A little more detail would help a lot in some scenes. As with any light novel it’s hard to tell if this is because of the translation or the original writing, but I’m thinking this is more Sunao Yoshida’s fault. Trinity Blood’s writing is still better than something like Scrapped Princess, but it’s no Kino no Tabi or Boogiepop.