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So now were halfway through Black Lagoon’s final arc, Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise, and I guess it’s time for me to talk about it.

Actually, this is at the end of the episode, but it’s just way too cool.

Two things define this arc so far: 1) Engrish and 2) tsundere Revy. Seeing as how all the action is in Japan now, the creators decided to enlighten us on how the whole cast speaks english, rather badly actually. There’s nothing quite like hearing a japanese women say “fuck you” with a bad accent. Though I must commend the seiyuu. The english has much improved since three episodes ago, to where I don’t cringe (as much) whenever Revy chooses to graphically cuss someone out.

She even winks now?! How moe is that?

This brings us to the second reason why this arc is awesome: Revy is totally moe in skirt and stockings! She looks hotter when she puts clothes ON! It’s a paradox I tell ya! Revy’s also chosen to show more of her dere-dere side to Rock. It’s sweet seeing her actually care for the guy and not berate him for his views. They better kiss by the end of the show, or at least akwardly come close. I also love how much background were getting on Rock now. Due to his comment in 21, where he say’s he wishes everyone to grow up “normally”, it looks like Rock didn’t have as normal a childhood as we all thought. Watch him be the exiled son of the yakuza, or something like that.

Yeah…that’s going to leave a mark.

Of course the main plot is the yakuza, and both their internal battles and their fight with hotel moscow. And I have to admit, I have no fucking clue what is going on. All I know is that the russians are fighting the yakuza (weren’t they aliies?), and Yukio’s being beaten up by some thugs. I can’t keep all these new characters straight. Fortunately the two main new ones are great. Yukio’s a change of pace, being a girl in Black Lagoon who isn’t a devil, and just being a normal person with extraordinary circumstances placed on her. The scene where the thugs beat her up was very brutual to me. Black Lagoon clearly isn’t afraid to show those sides of mafia life. That’s why the yakuza keep losing, their too idealistic next to the completely brutal russians, hung up on their honor. I used to think that’s romantic, but now it’s just getting them killed. Can’t wait till Rock manages to save the day. Someone needs to give him a gun. Oh, and Gin-san is cool too, though the most unrealistic character so far. I swear that guy got shot at point-blank and still dodged!


Also enjoyed seeing Balaika’s past. Pretty cruel isn’t it? All she wanted to do was be in the Olympics, but then her father forced her into the military for his honor. By the end, the war was over and she had no rank or job. Seeing her staring listlessly in front of the TV was just shocking to me. Balalaika’s never looked like that before. Fortunately she managed to rally her men and take control of her life, even if it was in the mafia. Explains her calm/psychotic behavoir. Next time were going Stephen King on you ass and bustin’ down the Dark Tower. Can’t believe only three episodes are left.