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But she will always be Mercedes in my heart.


And…yay for quirky post-modern humor? At least the radio drama was interesting. The duty segment was pretty good, especially the parts with Komori. She’s way too cute for a hikikomori, or does not facing the cruel light of the sun give her perfect skin? The over dramatic part was the best, though. The thing about the “conversation killers” was very true, and I love that kind of overly dramatic humor. It’s the only type of humor that I think anime as a medium really excels at. You can do surreal commentary in other mediums, but only with anime can you make jokes that ridiculously dramatic. That’s my two cents on the nature of Humor for today.

And I haven’t commented on the full OP yet either. The video has taken a step down in quality, replacing yuri bondage with Grey’s Anatomy (the medical textbook, not the ABC drama). That gets a wag of the finger from me. The Rumba song itself is good, except for the middle part in the full version where it’s very repetitive. The ending is worth getting through that, though. While Bure was a stronger song overall, the harder rock tone of Rumba has its own merits, too. And I still wish I could find a collection of Ootsuki Kenji’s work that doesn’t involve anime. The lack of Ootsuki Kenji’s music has left me in despair!

P.S. I wonder if it’s my duty as a blogger to include one “despair” line in every post on Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei?