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Rosario + Vampire

A lot of people have been harping on this show for having too much fanservice, which to me is absurd since this is supposed to be a fanservice show where fans are serviced with many shots of panties. There are more blatant fanservice shows out there, like Hanaukyo Maid Tai, which oddly enough I enjoyed. Anyways, I found Rosario + Vampire a rather pleasant show all around. Moka is definitely cute enough to head the show and her vampire form is deadly sexy. The little transformation bit was pretty cool, too. Reminded me of Castlevania. The only thing that could really hurt this show is the story. Anything too serious would ruin the mood, though some stylish action could be nice. I know Gonzo can do stylish action; I watched Black Cat. I’ll just have to keep an eye on this one and see if the fanservice can remain pleasurable enough.

H2O Footprints in the Sand

Admittedly I decided to watch this because the character designs were pretty good, but now I think there’s potential for a good story here. The opening monologue was very intriguing and it’ll be interesting to see how that foreshadows the series. It’s also not often you seen an anime open with a girl getting punch. Hayami’s plight throughout really annoyed me, both in the inability of anybody to interfere and Hayami’s own acceptance. That’s probably a major part of her story that will need to be worked out. H2O’s claim to fame though is the blind protagonist Takuma. Takuma is a little too hapless and clumsy for my liking, even if he is blind. Hell, if he’s blind he should easily be able to jump around and have super sense, like daredevil. There’s wasted potential there. But, of course, Takuma miraculously gets his sight back at the end of the episode, so that angle didn’t last long. I can already tell Otoha isn’t real, whatever she is, so hopefully they’ll do something interesting to integrate her into the story. Personally, I hope she’s God, cause the idea of having sex with God sounds awesome. H2O has the potential to be both good and bad here, depending on how quickly the story can get moving. Though, the real question is…


What the hell are these guys supposed to be doing? The result of too many hours at the office and too much beer?