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MOEGAR in the middle.

Took me a while to remember how I did this last year.

Hosaka (553) surprisingly beats both Galatea (53) and Teresa (308), though maybe that’s not surprising. I’ve never watched Minami-ke so I have no idea how GAR this man/woman/dango is. Galatea and Teresa also probably had some “women aren’t GAR” backlash against them.

Itou Kaiji (555) crosses the bridge of victory, crying all the way, to beat Gen Fudo (75) and Boota (350). Admittedly it would of been fun to see Boota win here, but despite all of Kaiji’s less manly moments it’s hard to forget the legendary KNEE TO THE STOMACH!

Robert E O Speedwagon (262) scratches out a victory against The Skull Man (213) and Kusanagi Kenji (112). While I really like both Skull Man and Koutetsushin Jeeg, only true /m/en actually watched those shows, and that can’t beat the popularity of Jojo. Kenji wasn’t all that great anyways. Hiroshi on the other hand…

Itoshiki Nozomu’s (358) win over Balsa (245) and Apollo (99) has left him IN DESPAIR! While I think anyone would be hard pressed to call Itoshiki GAR, the relative unknown of the other contestants assured his victory here.

Now everyone go on to Group B and vote for Graham Acre, Lockon, and Bruce Ironstaunch. Cause I say so.