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So I am now finally done with all of Tsukihime, and man what a ride it was. First Kohaku’s story before I talk about the whole game.


I’ve never really thought of Kohaku as the most pathetic character to be sorry for. Compared to Sakura, who’s family had abandoned her, body eaten by worms, constant sexual abuse, etc., Kohaku didn’t seem to have it as bad. However, now I see her life was just as bad as Sakura’s. The same constant abuse, never going outside, protecting her sister, pretty bad stuff. Still even though I respect her more, she’s not my favorite character. Pity doesn’t mean likability. I think the always smiling thing was part of it. Maybe by giving her no emotions to make her story better, they took away what I could identify with? Anyways, Kohaku’s whole revenge thing was pretty cool, but since it’s so more discrete than say, Sakura’s OMG SHADOW BLARG!, it’s hard to really enjoy it.

I think the revenge element works better in Hisui’s storyline than in Kohaku’s, as it comes to a conclusion in Hisui’s. In Kohaku’s, everyone knows what is going on from the beginning, they just don’t care. The explanation that Kohaku was trying to get revenge just so she could have a reason to live kind of spoiled the mood also. I would of preferred it if she really did hate them, but I guess Kohaku never had any emotions, even hate. The true star of this route was Akiha. Man, she was just awesome the whole time. Her fight with Shiki at the end was as intense as Shiki vs. SHIKI in Akiha’s route, or Shiki and Ciel vs. Arcueid in Ciel’s route. But she is my favorite character, so maybe I’m bias. I also like how this route focused the most on Shiki’s Nanaya background, even having a cameo of Kishima Kouma, my favorite psychotic killer. I enjoy that demon hunter stuff. The conversation between Shiki and SHIKI was pretty cool also. Overall the route is a fitting conclusion for giving Kohaku her happy ending, but’s it hard to enjoy if I don’t like the heroine. The Epilogue was nice, wrapping everything up the way it began, both with Shiki meating Aoko and being at the Nanaya mansion.

Overall, Tsukihime deserves all the praise it gets. It is a wonderfully deep story, with great characters and a complex plot. The production may be shoddy, but the story still wraps you up in it’s own world. I think some of the photographic backgrounds even enhanced the story in some places. My only complaint on the game as a whole would be how Nasu tried to force some traditional eroge elements in. Mostly the sex scenes. God those were awful. Are otaku so narrow minded they need a couple cg’s of sex just to buy a game? Sadly this element of visual novels is still around today, so this won’t end soon. If you want to know anything else, just check my other posts. I’ve basically reviewed Tsukihime in five parts. Big thanks to Mirror Moon for making all of this possible. Hope I’ll see that Melty Blood patch soon ;).

Now for me to rate the route’s I liked the best ( This is pretty hard actually, as their all really good when compared to normal stuff. Maybe I’ll just go by best heroine. ):
1. Akiha (gotta read the Kagetsu Tohya sidestory to get the real ending)
2. Hisui (SHIKI ripping out his intestines to hurt Shiki is epic)
3. Ciel (Angry Arcueid is angry)
4. Arcueid (Nero Chaos was a badass, Roa was not)
5. Kohaku (Ultimate proof that Shiki is incredibly Gar)

Thus ends my Tsukihime coverage. Oh, and in other news, someone has started up the Kanon translation again, exept it’s not Haeleth. I don’t know if I should be happy or not about this. I’ll see where this goes.