Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!

Any show that uses the Back to the Future theme has to be awesome, which Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight is looking to be. After the crappiness that was Coyote Ragtime Show, it seems ufotable might strike gold again like Futakoi Alternative. Manabi is this deliriously cute and funny show about chubby loli’s and their wacky adventures in the FUTURE! The future doesn’t look that great though, all we got our hoverboards and transparent cell phone casings. Where’s the fun in that? Introducing the characters:


Our main heroine is Amamiya Mamami aka. extraterrestrial Manabi-chan, a transfer student who on her first day declares herself student council president, and wins through a heart touching rendition of the school’s song. I could of done without Yui Horie singing. Anyways, Manabi is the heart of the story, with the four other girls revolving around her, and I predict joining the student council soon. She’s an insanely hyperactive girl who rides a hoverboard and who’s life motto is ” go straight ahead! “, which she puts to use whenever she’s lost in a very literal fashion.


Inamori Mika is the shy girl of the group who meets Manabi first when she’s late to the school swimming competition. She enjoy’s fortune telling, is the student council’s secetary and only member, and has a mouth shaped like a cats. Hearing her say nya will also send you into diabetic shock.


Mutsuki Uehara is the tomboy who enjoys sports and annoying the hell out of Mei. It’s pretty funny to watch her knock Mei sinceless in the morning.


Mei Itoh looks to be the tsundere character, constantly saying how everything is stupid. It also seems she’s pretty shy, as she can hardly get the nerve to answer a good morning from fellow classmates. It’s fun seeing her get pissed off.


Finally, there’s Momoha Odori, the really weird person of the group. She talks to pigeons while singing and can easily dive under chairs, randomly appears between your legs, and other suitably weird things. She another character who likes to tease Mei, saying her skin will get bad and she’ll get fat if she gets angry.

Chubby loli is chubby.

Manabi so far reminds me a lot of Ichigo Mashimaro, since it’s basically a lot of cute girls with conflicting personalities doing stupid stuff. Except Manabi looks to be a little more active, due to the aformentioned Manabi. The animation so far is great, very fluid, and the music is awesome, ie. the back to the future theme. Very suitable since I was just watching Back to the Future Part III yesterday. Can’t wait to see what stupid adventure these girls get into. Hint: need more subs.