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A miserable pile of Touhou.


The curiosity finally got to me. After playing some other danmaku games, I decided to finally give Touhou a try. The reason I hadn’t tried Touhou before was because the whole thing seemed daunting. All the fanart featured a ton of characters I could hardly tell apart. Putting that aside though, I downloaded Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and started playing it. I’m hooked. I suck mind you, but I guess that’s normal for starting out. So far I’ve only managed to beat Patchouli once, before being completely destroyed in the first few seconds of the fifth stage.


Anyways, after playing the game I was itching for more, and then I found the Touhou wiki. Needless to say, I spent most of a day just scouring through, absorbing all the details I could (this is why I didn’t want to get into Touhou, I knew I would be unhealthily obsessed with it). A lot of the characters are really interesting, and the whole idea behind Gensokyo is beautiful, though the stories seem to repeat themselves. What’s with all the flower viewing? After that, nature follows course and I’ve begun looking for fanart, even though I’ve only played one game. It’s Type-Moon mania all over again, except Touhou is mercifully simpler to memorize. So here I am, an addict to another obscure japanese game that almost no non-otaku have heard about. I guess it’s just par the course. Here’s to hoping that one day I can actually beat EoSD. Let’s not talk about using no continues.

P.S. Marisa’s huge laser attack is awesome, and I’m really liking Yukari so far just from her fanart, mostly from the one’s where she’s kissing Reimu ;).