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I think Impz would like this one.

So I finally decided to get caught up on Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo, and was watching ep. 3 when BAM! Out of nowhere Mamoru’s loli sister just appears naked. Ok, not completely naked, but just in panties and a towel. Mamoru then proceeds to have a completely normal conversation like nothing is wrong. How messed up do things have to be where your completely used to talking to your almost-naked little sister? I’m starting to wonder where otaku get this whole ” loli-sisters are awesome ” idea from. I follow Sasahara from Genshiken’s viewpoint, that real little sisters are terrible. Some of the horror stories I’ve heard from friends are just frightening. Nothing moe about that. Moving on, I’m actually really enjoying Mamoru so far, but I just had to mention this, just for the whole wtf moment it was. What I’m really liking about Mamoru so far is:


Dress gloves are suitable for any tsundere.

Ayako is one hawt tsundere. Seriously, she’s the most perfect tsundere since Tohsaka Rin. Her megadere moments are incredibly cute, and her badass tsun-tsun side is just hilarious and deliciously sexy. I relish those moments where she beats down the student council group. You have to wonder if there’s something wrong with their minds to want to provoke Ayako so much? That brings me to my next point:





Note that their playing hide-and-seek, which doesn’t quite work when Ayako keeps saying, ” You haven’t found me ” when someone finds her. Those damn tsundere mind-tricks.

The absurd level of cartoon violence in this show. I keep thinking of those old looney tunes shows, even though they and this are nothing alike, and how Ayako can punch, kick, maim, destroy, explode, or cause hell on earth for anyone and they don’t get hurt at all. Or at least minimally. There’s something very fun in just watching random violence like that. My favorite moment so far was when Ayako was infiltrating the Student Council’s second base. The President said the walls were way too thick for Ayako to penetrate, but then she appears behind him from nowhere and knocks him straight through the wall! Needless to say, I quite enjoyed that.


But Mamoru isn’t just tsundere’s and violence, it’s also a pretty refreshing love story. The development of Ayako’s and Mamoru’s relationship goes at it’s own pace, despite the dealings of the student council. Though Ayako and Mamoru are both too shy around eachother, there’s something very natural in how they act. It’s a nice change of pace from the emotionally charged, get through every heroine as fast as possible feeling of eroge adaptations. It’s somewhat like Honey & Clover, but lighter and just focusing on one relationship. Of course we know their gonna be together, but sometimes the development of a romance, not the climax, can be fun to watch. I hope Mamoru can continue this fun mixture of romance and violence. Now, how about some more subs?