Nerine’s international now.

Funimation’s announced a ton of licenses this week; some forseen and others, perhaps not. Here’s what us english fans have to look forward to:

Ragnarok the Animation: Excuse me, how old is this? Kind of late to pick-up what looks to be a rather mediocre series. Maybe it has something to do with Ragnarok getting more popular in the U.S. (or so I’ve heard). An anime based off a game based off a manwha doesn’t really interest me at all.

Suzuka: A solid title. I remember hearing good things about it when it aired, so it can’t be all that bad. The manga is already in print also, doubtlessly making for some nice publicity.

Aquarion: This one is rather surprising. I’ve heard a lot of people say it was good, and have been wanting an english release ever since it aired. Though, there’s nothing out of the ordinary for funimation licensing another mecha show. Still, I’m sure this one made a lot of people happy.

Shuffle: This one’s been rumoured about for awhile, but now it’s formally announced. This is a great series to pick-up, as it’s probably the best eroge adaption made so far. It can be easily enjoyed without knowing the game’s story, unlike most eroge adaptions, and actually has a conclusive ending. Can’t wait to see people’s reactions to Psycho Kaede. Perhaps we’ll see more eroge adaptions licensed in the future now, seeing as how half the shows in any season these days seemed to be based off of eroge.

Reservoir Chronicle Tsubasa: Announced the first dvd will be available in May. Didn’t this show air like a year ago? It amazes me how long these things take sometimes.

Itsudatta My Santa: A 2-episode OVA based off some work by Ken Akamatsu’s, I guess. Not that surprising with all the other Ken stuff availible. When I first heard this, I thought it was that show where the guy gets a little sister from Santa. Completely different thing though.

Finally, the real meat of the week is Mushishi. An excellent choice. One of the truly mature and adult series to come out in awhile. And I predict no casual fans will buy it because they can’t understand thinking animu. Their loss. On a related note, it seems a lot of companies are interested in distributing the live-action movie showing at Sundance. I would love to see that in english. Mushishi manga also comes out this month if I remember correctly.

So, there we are. Some surprises and some expected. I’m still waiting for my ARIA license, along with wondering when someone will pick-up Code Geass. You know it has to happen.